About the protection of the rights of the company:

1. All images used only for comparison pricing reference, the copyrights belong to the company customers. Anyone who carries out such as: download, copy, production, dissemination and other purposes, will be held accountable under the law.
1. 本站所有图片仅用于报价对比参考,其版权属于本公司合作客户。凡对其进行诸如:下载、复制、生产、传播等使用者,本公司必追究其法律责任。

2. Without the written permission of the Company, anyone shall be prohibited in any way or reason to use, copy, modify, disseminate this website’s information, services, products and any part of its content. Any violations of copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Company will be held accountable in accordance with the law.
2. 未经本公司书面许可,任何单位及个人不得以任何方式或理由对上述产品、服务、信息、材料的任何部分进行使用、复制、修改、抄录、传播。凡侵犯本公司版权等知识产权的,本公司必依法追究其法律责任。