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Jewelry Bag
Our package products are exported to Canada, USA and South America, Europe, Midle East, Ausralia and other Southeast Asia regions.
They are very popular with customers and earn a good reputation.
Our products/Jewelry Bag
Paper bags, especially jewelry paper bags are quite popular in the fashion world. The supermarkets would like to pack the jewelry in the jewelry bag just in order to make the packing colorful and beautiful. Just imagine, a beautiful woman with a jewelry bag in her hand and of course, the amount valuable jewelry in the jewelry bag. That must be a very attractive picture and often appears the most women dreams.
To the jewelry sellers, it is also quite economical to pack the jewelry in the jewelry bag. First, the jewelry bag is quite cheap. Second, the jewelry bag is quite beautiful and could be any shape as the requirement of the customers. Third, it could be marked with some sellers’ logos on the jewelry bag. That is a new concept way of advertisement.
To the customers, they are also quite attractive by the jewelry bag. As we all know, one nature of women is shopping. When they buy jewelry, they could not only select the jewelry but also the jewelry bag to their only style. When they take off the jewelry, they could put the valuable jewelry in the jewelry bag in order not to lose it.