• Kraft Paper Bag
Kraft Paper bag
Our package products are exported to Canada, USA and South America, Europe, Midle East, Ausralia and other Southeast Asia regions.
They are very popular with customers and earn a good reputation.
Our products/Kraft Paper Bag
Kraft paper is widely used in the paper bag making industry. Kraft paper bag could be divided into two kinds. One is white kraft paper bag; the other is the brown kraft paper bag. Both kinds of kraft paper bags are environmental and recycling use. If you buy the other paper bags, maybe you could use it only once and somehow wasteful. However, if you choose kraft paper bag, you are smart. For that you could use the kraft paper bags many times besides make no harm to the environment. As we all know, it is really important to protect the environment. So why not choose the kraft paper bags?
Kraft paper bag is also quite tough. You could use it to carry much heavier goods than the other paper bag. You could put some gifts, wine bottle, heavy clothes, etc in the kraft paper bags.
Kraft paper bag could be in all styles and shapes just according to the customers requirement and also kraft paper bag.
If you love the clean environment and living in a country which devote much energy to the environment protection, why not choose the kraft bags to keep you country clean and make your shopping time convenient.